We were sorry to hear that you're leaving.
It took us by surprise we must say.
Your absence has left us grieving.
We're just taking this day by day.

Your world seems too full to open.
Your life too cramped for changing.
Still we continue hoping~
that you'll do some rearranging.

Time knows no master or reason.
It just carries us on and on.
Then you find at the end of the season~
those who have loved you are gone.

You have to try and prioritize.
Take a chance and run with the ball.
We know it's hard, we sympathize.
But are you to busy to make a call?

You say you can't stand the pain~
of watching us grow old.
Our relationship is strained.
Rusty wheels of progress leaves you cold.

So go ahead and run away.
Take a leap through the door.
When we're gone and in decay~
you won't have to worry anymore.

Copyright 1992 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.